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The Remarkable True Story of the Battersea Poltergeist

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Ghosts and legends of the London Borough of Wandsworth (covers Balham, Battersea, Putney, Tooting & Wandsworth)

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Haunted Wandsworth



Ghosts and legends of the London Borough of Lambeth (covers Brixton, Clapham, North Lambeth, Norwood, Stockwell & Streatham)

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Haunted Lambeth



Ghosts, legends and curiosities of Mitcham in Surrey / south London

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Strange Mitcham



More ghosts, legends and curiosities of Mitcham in Surrey / south London

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Haunted Lambeth

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Haunted Lambeth

Haunted Lambeth by James Clark

Ghosts and legends of the London Borough of Lambeth (covers Brixton, Clapham, North Lambeth, Norwood, Stockwell & Streatham)

ISBN 978-0752485775


96 pp, illustrated

Published by The History Press, 2013

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The London Borough of Lambeth comprises six general neighbourhoods: Brixton, Clapham, North Lambeth (including Waterloo, Kennington, Oval, and Vauxhall), Norwood (including West Norwood, Gipsy Hill, and Tulse Hill), Stockwell, and Streatham (including Streatham Hill and Streatham Vale).

Thus, the stories in this book come from a long, narrow cross-section of south London that encompasses very different areas as the borough stretches south from the busy tourist attractions beside the River Thames, passes through built-up districts and reaches down towards relatively leafier suburbs.

It’s not a landscape that immediately conjures thoughts of phantoms and poltergeists, but don’t be deceived: these streets conceal some very strange stories indeed!

In a sense, ‘Haunted Lambeth’ is a companion book to my ‘Haunted Wandsworth’ (The History Press, 2006) which looks at uncanny tales from Lambeth’s neighbour, the London Borough of Wandsworth. Click here for more information about 'Haunted Wandsworth'.


Mysterious Britain

"Written by fellow ASSAP (Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena) member, James Clark, Haunted Lambeth features a collection of paranormal tales including poltergeists, apparitions, black dogs and other unexplained phenomena.

[The London Borough of] Lambeth itself covers an area including Brixton, Clapham, North Lambeth, Norwood, Stockwell and Streatham and James splits his chapters to cover each area in turn. Through his introduction James explains that the tales collated here are part of his contribution to Project Albion, which is ASSAP's on-going research programme for the recording and mapping of mysteries, legends and folklore across the British Isles. James certainly doesn't disappoint in bringing theses tales together into a fascinating and interesting read.


"James has done his research well and for anyone living in or visiting the area I'd heartily recommend this book for your coffee table, I'm not sure you'd want it for bedtime reading!"

(Read the full review at the Mysterious Britain website.)

Paranormal Database

"Having now lost count of the number of works in this series, with the Haunted range bringing out some average works and some very good ones, I was fortunate to find James Clark's work falls into the latter category.

"Lambeth, located within south London and made up of six neighbourhoods, is often overlooked when the paranormality of England's capital is discussed, and Clark seeks to ensure the area is not forgotten. Using maps to pinpoint twenty four places of spooky interest, each location receives a generous amount of detail – haunting, history and aftermath..."

(Read the full review at the Paranormal Database.)

The Conspiracy Review

"Lambeth may not be the first place you think of when discussing ghosts and hauntings, but James Clark has done an amazing job in this book, uncovering some exceptionally spooky tales that may well send a chill down your spine.

"From an astonishing tale about comedian Roy Hudd and his haunted house, to a story about a lingering shadow at Waterloo Necropolis Railway, this publication contains a plethora of paranormal accounts, most of which will be completely new to readers..."

(Read the full review at The Conspiracy Review website.)

The Society for Psychical Research

"[...] Clark begins with the statement that Lambeth is an 'odd place', and he tells no lie. Some of his tales may be suspect to put it mildly, as he concedes, but he points out that at the very least they shine a light on Lambeth's 'mythological landscape'. They are also fun to read, and you never know, they may shine a light on something more."

(Read the full review at the SPR website.)

Lionel Fanthorpe

"“Fascinating reports of the anomalous, carefully analysed and evaluated: an excellent read.”

(Lionel Fanthorpe, President, ASSAP: the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena.)

Mike at Goodreads

"Thoroughly researched, just like his other works, and pretty comprehensive. He asks some interesting questions, maintaining enough impartiality to be convincing, while not losing himself to a 'Most Haunted' style of credulity.

"Well worth a read, and keeping with you if you're in London!"

(Reviewed by Mike at Goodreads.)

Fortean Times

"An affable companion for your walking tour of this Thames-side south London borough (opposite Westminster). The book covers Brixton, Clapham, Lambeth, Norwood, Stockwell and Streatham, their haunted houses, phantoms, poltergeists, infamous murders, tombs and so on. It is part of the History Press's local history series."

(Reviews, Fortean Times 306, October 2013, p. 59.)