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The Remarkable True Story of the Battersea Poltergeist

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The Poltergeist Prince of London



Ghosts and legends of London

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Haunted London



Ghosts and legends of the London Borough of Wandsworth (covers Balham, Battersea, Putney, Tooting & Wandsworth)

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Haunted Wandsworth



Ghosts and legends of the London Borough of Lambeth (covers Brixton, Clapham, North Lambeth, Norwood, Stockwell & Streatham)

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Haunted Lambeth



Ghosts, legends, and curiosities of Mitcham in Surrey / south London

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Strange Mitcham



More ghosts, legends, and other strange tales from Mitcham in Surrey/south London, and the surrounding area

(Sequel to 'Strange Mitcham')

Mysterious Mitcham


Strange Mitcham

Strange Mitcham

Strange Mitcham by James Clark

Ghosts, legends, and curiosities of Mitcham in Surrey / south London

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-9160805-7-7 (publication date 9 September 2024)

Kindle ISBN: 978-1-9160805-6-0 (publication date 22 April 2024)

Amazon ASIN: B0CTHR417L


Published by Shadowtime Publishing, 3rd edition 2024

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Reviews (re the 2nd (2011) edition):

"Strange Mitcham by James Clark was first published as a booklet in 2002 as part of ASSAP's (Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena) Project Albion. It was updated and republished in 2011 giving James the opportunity to add a few more articles and further information. [...]

"Strange Mitcham is a very readable book and I've enjoyed learning more about the area and its various hauntings, legends and paranormal activity. It's refreshing to read a book that doesn't just cover ghosts and shows the area has much more variety in its strangeness...."

Read the full review at the 'Mysterious Britain & Ireland' website.

"I lived in Mitcham for twenty-five years and indeed found it strange, good little book with some rather eerie stories brilliant" (5 out of 5 stars, Amazon review by "the reader", 20 April 2014)
"Brilliant" (5 out 5 stars, Amazon review by Karen Steel on 2 June 2016)
"very interesting loved it" (5 out of 5 stars, Amazon review by "poornanny" on 5 July 2014)

Reviews / Readers' Comments (re the 1st (2002) edition):

"Very many thanks for sending me so promptly your excellent book 'Strange Mitcham'. I have enjoyed reading it (twice, so far!) so much. THANK YOU." (Jeanne Dworak)

"I would like to say how much my wife and I enjoyed your fascinating book, it makes amazing reading, and we eagerly await the sequel. For me it's especially poignant as my immediate ancestors were all from Mitcham and their Rosier name is still very prominent there (Rosiers Yard being one). [...] Once again many thanks for a brilliant book." (Phil Rosier)

"I recently obtained a copy of your book 'Strange Mitcham', which I read with enormous interest. Despite having lived in or around Mitcham for 60 years, I learnt an awful lot that I had not known before, including the fact that Morden Road, where I lived from 1949 to 1971, used to be known as 'Dead Man's Lane'. I do hope your sequel comes out soon." (Christopher Patterson)

"'Strange Mitcham' ... is a very enjoyable read indeed. Do not, for one moment, think that you need to know about Mitcham and the surrounding areas as you don't ... [Each] chapter has been written in concise detail, with only the reported facts and happenings of each specific subject given and refreshingly, no waffling filler material is included, it gets straight to the point. For the size of Mitcham, it does have its fair share of mysteries. One thing I liked about this book is how it made me think about local history and mystery. I strongly suggest that this book would be a welcome addition to any Fortean's bookshelf. Get it today..."(Dave McMann)

"A useful addition to local paranormal data." (The Travel and Earth Mysteries Society)

"Lovely book." (Charles Miller)

"Excellent book!" (Neil Arnold)

"An excellent, and well put together, read." (Gordon Sinclair)

"Great book, can't seem to put it down!" (Julie Huscroft)


  • The Haunting of Rose Cottage
  • The Phantom Cyclist of Mitcham Common
  • Invasion of the Body Snatchers
  • A Secret Tunnel?
  • Queen for a Year
  • 'Dead Manís Lane' and Mitcham Parish Church
  • The Treasure of a Gypsy Queen
  • The Obelisk
  • Ghost Lights
  • Spring-Heeled Jack
  • The Curse of Merton Priory
  • Everett's Place
  • UFOs over Mitcham

  • Mysterious Mitcham MYSTERIOUS MITCHAM

    The eagerly awaited sequel to 'Strange Mitcham' is now available.